Making of Meewind


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WhooHoo! was commissioned by BigShots to find a way to create hundreds of maple seeds for their Meewind TV-spots.

The goal was to make those maple seeds as realistic as possible.
But when testing our 3D maple seeds, we found out that our maple seeds needed a little more than just falling down from the sky and look real.
So we added a little bit of life and narrative into our twirly seeds. Very subtle, so it’s still believable as the real thing.
To create a certain mood throughout these spots, we manipulated a lot of shots. We replaced skies, changed color palettes and added a lot of twirly maple seeds! Next to that, there are a couple of full CG shots that match the overall look and tone of the live-action footage.


Client: Meewind
Direction & Production: BigShots
DOP: Tibor Dingelstad
Visual Effects & Animation: Studio WhooHoo!
Grading: De Grot